Please post feature requests and bug reports on our mailing list, which can be found here .
Alternatively you can also use our Project Forums.



Occasionally, we do offer consulting for Assimp related stuff. If you might need our help to integrate Assimp into your project, or if you want to sponsor Assimp development (i.e. add a particular feature), please get into touch with Kim and we'll see if we can do it.


And we also have an Gitter-channel at github. You can easily join us via: Gitter-Chat.




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Alexander Gessler Github 
Aramis' mail address

Thomas Schulze Website
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Kim Kulling WebsiteGithub
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David Nadlinger 
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( D bindings )


Other maintainers: including Matthias Gubisch (C# bindings), Jonathan Klein (Ogre XML), Mark Sibly (B3D). The best strategy to find out who's responsible for a particular port or importer is to either ask on the ML, or to check the commit log.

Over time, a lot of people contributed to Assimp. A full list can be found in the CREDITS file.